North Star offers both Pin-Box Casing and Box-Box Casing with Pin-Pin Nipple to match.

We also manufacture a comprehensive range of API Inner Rods, plus Flushing Heads, Saver Subs, Casing and Drill Bits.

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Pin-Box Casing

Casing OD (mm) Casing ID (mm)Pin Joint ID (mm)Length (mm, S/S)Connection Type
1331151061500Pin-Box Left Hand
1331151062000Pin-Box Left Hand
146128122.51500Pin-Box Left Hand
146128122.52000Pin-Box Left Hand

Box-Box Casing (plus Pin-Pin Nipple to match)

Casing OD (mm) Casing ID (mm)Pin Joint ID (mm)Length (mm, S/S)Connection Type
10282721500Box-Box Left Hand
10282722000Box-Box Left Hand
11492841500Box-Box Left Hand
11492842000Box-Box Left Hand
1361141051500Box-Box Left Hand
1361141052000Box-Box Left Hand
1461261151500Box-Box Left Hand
1461261152000Box-Box Left Hand
1681461361500Box-Box Left Hand
1681461362000Box-Box Left Hand

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